January Meeting Re-Cap

Januarys meeting was out of the box as we had the honor and privilege of meeting at Gallery Azul in Folly Beach!  We celebrated one of our own, Tanya Craig, and the opening of her amazing new art gallery.   What a beautiful opportunity to learn from her! 


We got to hear her story of stepping out and taking a risk to use what she had in her hands and create something beautiful from it…..something that not only gives her fulfillment but blesses the other artists displayed in the space.   She shared a lot of the setbacks and hurdles shes had to overcome, but also the victories found in the process.

Some of our guild members have art displayed at the gallery as well!

I believe everyone there was inspired by her story!

You can find the gallery online and see the upcoming classes and events being offered at https://www.facebook.com/GalleryAzulFollyBeach/ 


We also heard wonderful marketing tips and advice from Devin Meeks with Holy City Creatives.  They are a wonderful branding company and def know what they are doing to support the business/marketing side of the art biz.  Check them out at http://www.holycitycreative.com/ for more info.

As for guild business: We officially introduced a change of leadership.  Many of you were informed previously via email, but for those who don’t know….We have been so blessed by Angela Lowery as our president for the past year.  But, alas….a new baby and all its demands have required her attention in this season….and we salute her in that wonderful, new adventure!   But, don’t worry!  She will still be around and participating with the guild meetings and events!

Dayna Lopez has been appointed to step into the position as president.  Ellie Alasantra and Jacqueline Anderson will remain in their leadership positions, which leaves one open spot.  If you are interested in stepping up into a leadership role this year, please see one of the current board members.  We will be sharing a lot more at our February meeting about upcoming plans/events for the guild.  We are moving forward and have wonderful things planned for this year!  So, be there!  😉

Enjoy some of the pictures below that were taken while we met at Gallery Azul!


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