February Meeting Re-Cap

Hey, all!  I apologize for the delay on this re-cap post.  I was out of state and my schedule kind of got away from me.  However, I’m back at it now and you have my word that from now on…..I’ll do my very best to post the re-cap within one week of each monthly meeting.

February’s meeting was a fun time together.  We had some announcements that we shared and I will include those below.  But, I also want to give a huge thank you and shout out to Ellie Alasantra for preparing and guiding us through the process of art journaling and experience some freedom of expression in how we create.


It was a fun, stretching experience and I, for one, really enjoyed hearing everyone share how their chosen reference image inspired their creative expression.  What a great experience!  Thank you, Ellie, for preparing that for us.

Some announcements to note: 

1. The North Charleston Arts Festival is only a little over a month away….so, if you’re planning to participate….now is the time to make your arrangements!  And I want to encourage you guild members…..this is OUR city festival.  Let’s make sure we are representing since we are the city guild for North Charleston.  😉

Some ways to get involved…..1) be a vendor for Arty Block Party.  2) submit painted works for the judged exhibition.  3) submit 3-D works for SC Palmetto Hands 4) be a vendor at the World Arts (new this year) at Riverfront Park.  5) promote and share all the festival happenings on social media.  Refer to the city website for information on all of the above-mentioned activities/events: https://www.northcharleston.org/residents/arts-and-culture/

2. We are collaborating on a group project with the Charleston Young Artists Guild (CYAG).  This will be a collection of works that will be displayed in a public place.  I am working on several options for the location and will update you once that decision has been made.  In the meantime, we are planning to work on this project for both the March and April meetings and the CYAG members will be joining us to work together.  We are asking that everyone bring a 12 x 12in. wood panel to work on.

Those who need special tools….this might be a good time to work on design ideas….color schemes….bounce ideas off other members….etc.  Each member will complete one panel and we will put them all together into a single art display.  I will have a few extra panels for those who are unable to purchase them before Tuesday’s meeting.  Please note:  Artist and Craftsman supply have these panels for sale this month…..so, I definitely recommend purchasing from them.  They are located on upper King Street.

3) We also announced another group project at a Daniel Island elementary school where we’ve been asked to assist the CYAG with a side-walk mural project on the school’s playground.  We will give you more information and dates for this project at March’s meeting.

We are gaining momentum as a group and moving forward!  Let’s keep the movement and invite other artists we know to join in the fun!  You guys are an amazing group of creatives and it is such an honor to serve you and work with you and the arts culture in our city!  Be blessed and I’ll see you all at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 26th @ 6:30pm.