Dayna R. Lopez (Skittles)

Dayna R. Lopez aka. “Skittles”

An angry dragon turned unicorn-mermaid in love with rainbows, Dayna Lopez splashes color onto every surface, nook and cranny she can find. She has an active imagination and creates art that is full of color and life. 

Her work incorporates natural and recycled materials with a focus on paintings and mixed-media sculpture. Her art inspires hope, sparks the imagination and connects the viewer with the reality of the supernatural world. 

Transformation, healing and hope are her dream for the broken who find their life’s journey crossing paths with hers. 

“I look for the gold in all those around me and provoke others to do the same.  Life is messy and sometimes hard…. but, let’s have fun anyway!” – Dayna Lopez

Dayna is a mixed media artist who resides in North Charleston, SC.  Her art is found in homes and churches all across the United States, from Alaska to the east coast and many places in between.

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