Welcome to the North Charleston Artists Guild!

We are a collective of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds who work in a wide variety of media. We represent the arts culture in the Charleston area spanning the gap from the hobbyist to the professional. Each of us are pursuing different artistic goals, yet we come together to learn from each other, to inspire and be inspired, to grow as artists and entrepreneurs, and to share this knowledge and passion with our community.

We currently have 30 active members run by a board of directors who donate their time to maintaining and growing our network of artists and our presence in the North Charleston community.

Our guild of artists is open to all who are interested in pursuing the arts in any form. We are proud to have studio artists who work in 2-D media such as acrylic, oil, printmaking, pen and ink, photography, encaustic, scratchboard, digital art, animation, and energy art. We also host many industrial and 3-D artists such as woodworkers, glass artists, assemblage and mixed media artists, and lapidary and jewelry artists.


Our Board of Directors

President:  Dayna R. Lopez

Vice – President: Currently Open Position

Social Media Director: Currently Open Position

Treasurer: Currently Open Position


Connect with us via social media on:

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